Seductive Ambiguity By Cristina Istrati
Seductive Ambiguity


Book Excerpt

When she receives the white rose bouquet from Lucas, Divine Anderson feels like she is bathing in an ocean of happiness. Pleased, she goes to his office to invite him out for lunch. While waiting for him, what does she see? A portrait? A portrait of Lucas and a woman… His wife? By God, Lucas is married?!

What`s with this resemblance between her and that woman? Broken hearted, Divine rushes out the office. When getting there, Lucas notices the portrait`s changed position. Damn it! He forgot about it! She leaves to Alaska, but will this be enough for her to forget the man she loves?

And Charlie, Lucas`s best friend, what is his hidden agenda? Why does he want to secretly revenge on Lucas and see him destroyed…?

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Divine was having her breakfast in the kitchen while reminiscing the beautiful evening spent with Lucas. She was accompanied by Lucky who was enjoying her meal too. Divine had a really good time the night before. She was happy to be in a relationship with Lucas. She then heard the phone ringing and went to answer it. “Hello?” “Good morning, Divine! Rachel here!” “Hello, Rachel!” “How are you? I`ve just called you to let you know I left my daily planner at your place the day that I was there. I know that you are coming to the resort today. So would it be ok for you to bring it when you come?” “Is your planner brown-colored, Rachel?” “Yes.” “I`m so sorry, Rachel, it seems like Lucky has been busy with it all night long.” “Divine!” Rachel burst out. “Without it, I`m a dead person!” “Well, there’s no need for that as I was just teasing you” Divine laughed. “What a relieve! Divine, stop playing like that! Honestly, I really thought that I have lost my planner for good.” “Ok Rachel, I will bring it to you when I get to the resort. That would be in about half an hour, ok?” “Ok. Thank you, bye Divine!” “Bye-bye!” She placed the phone back at its place and then returned to the kitchen, finishing up her breakfast. When she arrived at the resort, Divine was greeted respectfully by the doorman. She replied his greeting as she stepped inside. She immediately spotted Rachel at the reception desk and went towards her. “Well, good morning again.” Divine smiled. “I would kick your beautiful butt instead of a good morning” said Rachel, pretending to be still upset. “Rachel, it was only a joke. I apologize if I upset you, I promise I won`t do it again.” “Well, all right. By the way, some flowers came for you about twenty minutes ago.” said Rachel, her gaze turned towards the red bouquet. “I have to go now; I’m required at the administration department. I`ll be back before lunch time, all right?” “Ok, Rachel, see you then” said Divine. “Have a beautiful day!” Rachel said as she left. Divine took the bouquet into her hands and smelled it. Hmm, wonderful! She saw a little note tucked into the bouquet and read it: Someone once said that nothing and no one goes beyond the beauty and purity of the roses. Little did the person know that somewhere in this world, there is a rose even more beautiful and sweet…You, Divine.

WWith love, Lucas. This note excited Divine greatly, she felt like she wanted to scream out of joy. She was very happy. Looking over the note again, she took the phone and dialed Lucas`s number. “Hello?” He answered. “Hello my darling. How are you?” Divine asked nervously. “I`m very fine, princess, I’m enjoying your call in fact. You’ve received the roses, I guess?” “Yes, they are right here, in front of me.” said Divine. “They are very beautiful Lucas, I thank you for your gesture. I really appreciate it.” “It`s nice to hear this.” “May I invite you to lunch? As a small reward for your noble gesture.” Divine smiled, though she knew Lucas would not be able to see her smile. “With utmost pleasure. Please come to my office, at Brown`s Company, and from here we could go to wherever you have in mind. Do you know where it is?” “I think so, I will find it.” “Ok. You go up to the thirty second floor, room 03. All right?” “All right Lucas. See you then! Have a wonderful day!” “Thank you, my love. Good bye!” “Bye.” Divine replied happily. She looked at the roses one more time before going to the bathroom. She came back with a half filled vase and placed the bouquet in it. After that, she started her work duties with an incredible enthusiasm. When it was nearing lunch hour, only the presence of Rachel made her realize that it was already noon. “Hey, Divine, how`s going?” “Hey, I`m working on some financial calculations. My God, I didn`t even notice how fast the time passed.” “Yes, I can imagine. You can go now and have lunch, I will replace you until you get back” said Rachel. “Ok Rachel. I`m not going alone to lunch” said Divine, gushing to her friend. “With whom, then? Oh, don`t tell me, Lucas?” “Exactly. He was the one who sent me the flowers and as a small reward, I asked him out to lunch.” “I`m so happy for you Divine. Your happiness is also my happiness.” Rachel said, excited for Divine. “Thank you.” “Ok, off you go now, you don`t want to make that man wait for you, do you?” “Of course not” said Divine grabbing her bag. “I`ll be back in an hour, ok?” “Ok, have fun and send my best wishes to Lucas.” “All right, I will” said Divine, going towards the exit. From there, she went to her car and left for Lucas`s company. Upon arriving, Divine stepped inside and went towards the elevator. She pressed the thirty second button and waited until it brought her there. Getting out of it, Divine found Cecily at her desk. “Hello, where can I find Mr. Brown?” “He is in a meeting now but it will be finishing soon.” Cecily said, looking intently at Divine. “Is everything all right?” Divine asked, perplexed by Cecily`s long look at her. “Yes…Excuse me, please.” “May I wait for him in his office?” “Of course. You just have to enter through that door.” said the assistant, showing Divine the door of Lucas`s office. Smiling, she opened the door and entered his office. She was impressed by its design but mostly so, at the order that was in it. Very disciplined, Lucas…she thought to herself. She went towards his library and browsed through his books where she discovered some really interesting titles. She then went towards the big window and looked out at the city. Marvelous! She thought as she had noticed that she could see the resort though it was far away, it was much smaller in view, of course. She returned to the desk and sat on Lucas`s armchair but all of a sudden, her smile disappeared when she saw a portrait on the desk on her right side. The portrait of Lucas with Evelyn. No, this couldn`t be true! She took it in her hands and looked at it, her eyes tearing without her realizing it. She turned it around and saw a little message written behind, For you Lucas, with all the love…

YYour wife, Evelyn. At that very moment, she felt her heart had frozen in her chest, she was out of breath. This was even bigger for Divine because it came with two revelations – one was finding out that Lucas was married and the second was that she was so much alike to his wife, Evelyn. Her balloon of happiness and joy had been pricked. She needed to leave the place immediately, she couldn`t stand it anymore. Crying, she put the portrait back onto the desk, grabbed her bag and almost went running to the door. When she opened it, she ran into Lucas, and he was puzzled by the fear on Divine`s face. “Divine darling, what`s wrong?” He asked. “You are a bastard!” she replied as she passed next him to get out. “Divine, said Lucas, going after her, what`s wrong?” “Don`t you ever look for me!” she answered furiously and left. Still confused, Lucas returned to his office. He then noticed that the position of the portrait had changed and at that point, he understood everything. “Damn it!” He shouted and slammed the door shut. This wasn`t true! It couldn`t be! Did Lucas replace her with his wife all these time? No, this was too much for her, she couldn`t take it! Divine was caught in a sea of thoughts by the time she reached the resort. How could she be that blinded by love? She hated herself for not seeing through. Finally, she entered the resort, trying hard to hide her face from the rest as she didn`t want it to be obvious that she had been crying. She went straight to Rachel, who was immediately worried when she saw her friend in the state that she was. “Divine, what`s wrong?” she asked. “Lucas…Lucas lied to me, Rachel. He lied to me!” she replied, bursting into tears again. “How did that happened, Divine?” Rachel asked, taking her friend into her arms. “He’s a bastard and I don`t want to ever see him again! Never!” Divine answered, crying. “Rachel, please let me go home, will you replace me? I feel like I`m about to collapse and it`s horrible.” “Of course honey, sure you can go home.” said Rachel, looking at her friend. “I`ll come to see you later and talk about it, all right?” “Yes, please do come,” said Divine. “I`ll wait for you.” “Ok, I`ll be there. Please go home now and as soon the shift is over, I`ll come, all right?” “Ok, Rachel. Thank you.” she said, leaving. Rachel was feeling really bad although it wasn`t her that was caught in the situation. Nonetheless, she cared a great deal about Divine and it hurt her to see her like this. “Damn these men!” she burst furiously. “Rachel?” Marc asked as he approached. “Yes?” “I just saw Divine leaving the resort; she was very upset. May I know why?” “It`s regarding the man she’s in love with; it seems that he had lied to her about something.” “What a pity!” Marc answered. “But maybe it`s just a misunderstanding.” “We shall see.”

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